Scott Fontaine

  Since 1972 Knox Trail Riders Association Inc. has been a non-profit 501(c) (7)  We have been American Motorcycle Association( AMA) and New England Trail Riders Association (NETRA) Charter members for over 10 years. Our members are focused on promoting responsible off road motorcycle and atv riding.  Our goals are to build positive relationships with private and state land owners for our members and off road mc/atv enthusiasts.  We work with State and local agencies to help keep and build new riding opportunities for motorcycles and atv’s.  We’ve been working with DCR for the last several years as the primary club to maintain Beartown State Forest.  We continue to maintain a 2 mile stretch of Rt.202/10 in Westfield in the “Adopt a Highway” program.  Our members also volunteer many hours doing trailmaintenance to our current private land owners parcels.

Knox Crew in W.V.

Knox Members enjoyed a week vacation and
ride the sweet Hatfield/McCoy trail system in beautiful W.V.

(Left to Right)
Chris, Howie, Nick,Rich,Tylor,Scott, Ken,